Naagin season 1 voot download

Shivanya manages to revive Rithik with the help of the Naagmani. After his revival, Rithik learns the truth about Yamini from his father, while Shesha attempts to murder Guruji.

Will Shesha be able to kill Guruji? Tune in to find out, on Voot! Naagin Marathi - Season 1 Episode Episode 1 Rithik foresees a danger! Episode 2 Shivanya rescues Rithik! Episode 3 Yamini discovers the truth. Episode 4 Shivanya swears vengeance. Episode 5 Viren harasses Shivanya! Episode 6 Viren blackmails Shivanya.

Episode 7 Shivanya sets her plan in motion. Episode 8 Will Shivanya's identity be revealed? Episode 9 Shivanya receives a blessing.

Naagin (Marathi) - Season 1 Episode 53

Episode 10 Shivanya discovers a new foe. Episode 11 Shivanya finds her target.

naagin season 1 voot download

Episode 12 Shivanya sets her eyes on Suri. Episode 13 Shivanya-Shesha target Suri. Episode 14 Shesha's master plan! Episode 15 Shivanya-Shesha kill Suri!

Episode 16 Shivanya saves Rithik's life! Episode 17 Mahakali unleashes her wrath! Episode 18 Shesha conspires against Guru Maa.Manyataa character played by Sayantani Ghosh planning to marry Keshav, Manyataa is a Naagin princess from Sheshnag clan and Keshav is a human. Shalin Bhanot is playing the role of keshav in naagin season four, Manyataa give up her magical powers and become helpless in a situation her husband and family attacked by enemies.

Jasmin Bhasin playing the role of Nayantara, she is the daughter of Manyataa and Keshav. She will get the power and take revenge against the murderers of her father keshav. Online videos of naagin season 4 will be available only on voot app, there will be no uploads at YouTube or any other platforms.

Vidya- P. M Choti Sarrdaarni — P. M Shakti — P. M Luv Kush — P. M Shubhaarambh — P. M Bahu Begum- P. M Bepanah Pyaarr — P.

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M Bigg Boss 13 — P. Anish K. Chocolate sun tv serial launching on 16th December, Monday to Saturday at 3. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Google News. Follow at Google News. Index Hide. Colors TV. KS Anish posts 5 comments.

Prev Story mounaragam television serials on star maa, vijay tv and asianet. Leave A Reply.Naagin transl. Female serpent is an Indian supernatural fantasy thriller television series produced by Ekta Kapoor.

The first season aired from 1 November to 5 June The second season aired from 8 October to 25 June The third season aired from 2 June to 26 May It aired from 14 December to 8 August The fifth season premiered on 9 August Shivanya and Shesha are naagins who decide to avenge the death of Shivanya's parents for by the Raheja family. Shivanya marries Ritik and starts killing the murderers one by one.

Shesha falls for Ritik and joins hands with Yamini. They frame Shivanya for murder to provoke Ritik against her. Shivanya and Ritik confess their love and consummate which makes Shivanya lose her powers. Sangram kills himself to give Shivanya her powers back. Shivanya kills Yamini, defeats Shesha and protects the naagmani. Shivanya delivers her daughter, Shivangi in the third month of her pregnancy which shocks the doctors.

Yamini is resurrected. Shivangi grows up with Shivanya and falls in love with Rocky, Yamini's foster son. Yamini murders Shivanya which provokes Shivangi and she decides to avenge her mother. Rocky joins Shivangi to kill Shesha and Yamini, but ultimately kills Shivangi under orders from Ritik. Shivangi feels betrayed and takes an oath to find out the truth about her death.

Naagrani Ruhi unites with her lover Vikrant after years and they are set to marry each other. However, Yuvraj and his friends molest Ruhi and attack Vikrant leading to his death.

Ruhi is distraught but she vows to return for revenge. Vishakha Khanna, a rich investor arrives and kills Yuvraj, but he manages to survive. Mahir is compelled to marry Bela who is revealed to be Ruhi.

She falls in love with Mahir. On finding out the truth about Bela's identity, Mahir is shattered. He loses his memory and forgets Bela after Sumitra bites him.

Bela uses Naagmani to bring back Mahir's memories and they consummate their relationship. Sumitra seeks help from Hukkum who tries to impregnate Bela to give birth to a demon child.This is supernatural fantasy thriller television series produced by Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms.

Season 1 - The first season of the show started on 1 November and ended on 5 June Total 62 episodes were telecast this season. Season 2 - The second season of the show started on 8 October and ended on 25 June Total 75 episodes were telecast this season. Season 3 - The Third season of the show started on 2 June and ended on 26 May Total episodes were telecast this season. Gaurav Wadhwa as Gautam Mathur - Jay's cousin. Surabhi Mehra as Meher - Bani's step-sister, Keher's twin.

Samriddhi Mehra as Keher - Bani's step-sister, Meher's twin. Facebook Twitter. Unknown 27 March at Unknown 17 December at Social Icons. Latest Posts. Popular Posts. Top Category. Box Office 's Quick Update. Bollywood Crore Club Movies List. Follow by Email. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox.

Episode List

Full-Width Version. TRP Ratings. TV Schedule. Latest Box Office Update. Menu Footer Widget.Sign In. Season: 1 2 3 4 5. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. Hrithik wakes up from a bad dream and is asked by his Tanvi as to what did he dream about. Elsewhere, Yamini asks her husband to take off his black suit and then he is asked by his niece to come soon for the prayer service. On the other hand, a pandit tells Yamini that her son needs to get married before the age of 25 or otherwise his life will be in trouble.

Later, Hrithik hits an old man with his car and decides to take him to the hospital.

naagin season 1 voot download

In the meantime, Hrithik and his relatives joke around about ghosts being in the haveli but Yamini interrupts their S1, Ep2. A pandit blesses Sesha to carry out the destruction of Raheja family. In the meantime, Hrithik loses his consciousness at the cliff. Meanwhile, Yamini and rest of the family go with the police in search of Hrithik. Meanwhile, a woman helps Hrithik come up from the cliff and later she declines from disclosing her name to him.

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Meanwhile, Hrithik's father tells everyone that they are leaving for Mumbai immediately. Later on, Hrithik goes to thank the lady that helped him out and later, saves her from the falling roof. Also, Hrithik's father gets shocked at seeing a S1, Ep3.

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Shesha reaches the family as a dancer. She mix poison in drink targeting one of the family members. Though affected by the poison no one is harmed by it. But yaamini saw shesha turning into naagin.

She is now fear that the naagin would destroy her family. S1, Ep4. Tanvi and Hrithik's engagement is underway when Shivanya re-enters Hrithik's house with the help of Sesha. She intends to avenge her parent's death. S1, Ep5. Shivanya returns to the Raheja house. Viren tries to molest Shivanya, but Ritwik saves her.

Viren blackmails Shivanya to get intimate with him.

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Later, Ritwik slowly falls in love with Shivanya. S1, Ep6. Ankush and Yamini are shocked at seeing a poster in the house and they hide it. Hrithik tells Tanvi that he doesn't want to hurt her and is marring her only for her happiness.

Later Yamini reveals the truth about Hrithik's horoscope. S1, Ep7. Naagin bites Viren. Tanvi plans to cancel the wedding ceremony. Yamini is shocked to see Shivanya as the bride. Shivanya plans to take revenge, she also convinces Yamini to let her marry Rithik.Guru Maa uses her black magic to bring down the temperature and summon a tornado, which drives Ritik and Shivanya out of the Shiva temple.

Ritik gets intimate with Shivanya after saving her from inside an ice boulder.

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What will be its repercussions? Naagin Gujarati - Season 1 Episode Episode 1 A mysterious woman haunts Ritik. Episode 2 The Naagin begins with her revenge plan.

naagin season 1 voot download

Episode 4 Shivanya reenters the house. Episode 7 Conflict at Wedding Ceremony. Episode 8 A Marriage made in heaven. Episode 9 An unexpected blessing for Shivanya. Episode 10 Naagin unleashed. Episode 11 Sesha to kill Suri. Episode 13 Nagin plays killers against each other. Episode 15 Will Shivanya attend the Mahakli Pooja? Episode 16 Ritik is poisoned. Episode 17 Shivanya fights Mahakali. Episode 18 Nagin enters the Haveli. Episode 20 Sesha and Shivanaya win yet again.

Episode 21 Raheja family starts to suspect Shivanya. Episode 22 Sesha plans to kill Shailesh Mathur. Episode 23 Kabir kills Tanvi. Episode 24 Kabir tries to kill Shivanya. Episode 25 Shivanya and Sesha kill Kabir.

Episode 26 Naagpanchami. Episode 27 Shivanya is stabbed. Episode 29 Guruma loses all her power. Episode 30 Shivanaya returns home. Episode 31 Shivanya gets her powers back. Episode 32 Ritik witnesses the killing of Shailesh. Episode 33 Shivanya invokes Naagmani. Episode 34 Yamini tries to steal Naagmani. Episode 35 Sangram singh escapes from the cave. Episode 36 Ritik has the Nagmani.Include a link on your website that brings customers directly to a review platform.

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Naagin S02

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naagin season 1 voot download

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