Vespa px mixture screw adjustment

Turn in the mix screw all the way until it stops. Now turn it out again for about 1,5 turns. This is what's called the base line setting.

vespa px mixture screw adjustment

As a general rule this base line setting show be working ok. The condition of the spark plug will exactely tell you how well setup your carb actually is. There is basically 3 types of the elektrode's condition Too much air but too little fuel.

Result: The engine is not getting enough petrol with the consequence of low power and reduced lubrication. Too much petrol and too little air. Result: spark plug, manifold and silencer soot. Too much gas is consumed whilst the engine is not providing enough power.

Consequently the spark plug wouldn't last long either.

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The mix is optimally adjusted and the engine is getting just enough petrol in relation to air. The optimal power and performance is provided and the needed lubrication is secured. After all corrections have been made, insert the spark plug back again and conduct another test drive. Finally confirm the correct settings by repeating the previous steps. Principle: The idle screw sets the idle RPM of your engine.

The screw pushes on the arm that will lift or lower the throttle slide. A too high idle speed results in a higher fuel consumption when stopping at traffic lights etc. A stalling engine may be due to a too low idle speed, hence you should turn in the idle screw until it maintains a reliable idle speed.

Please note that such settings should always be made with a warmed up engine. The optimal idle speed is the lowest RPM possible without the engine stalling and dying out.Wed Feb 02, pm quote. I've come across many conflicting opinions. Some people backing it out anticlockwise richens the mixture, some say it makes the mixture more lean. Some say it directly meters the amount of gas i. I've found a pretty reliable source who says that it directly meters the amount of air, meaning that by screwing it in you cut the air.

This sounds pretty logical to me, as the engine dies when you turn the screw completely in i. This I understand. What I fail to see, however, is how turning the screw out richens the mixture. If screwing it in means less air, backing it out surely means more air. And more air means a lean mixture i. Can anyone point out where my reasoning is defunct?

I've been breaking my head over this, but can't seem to find the proper explanation. I'd be ever so grateful! Fabio Dougie. Hi F33 I've not got the same carb as you but this is how I've always understood it for my carb, but then again I may be wrong The screw meters the amount of fuel.

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Screw the mixture-screw closed and this decreases the amount of fuel flowing so making it leaner Open it up and it increases the amount of fuel flowing so making it richer.

I think it is perhaps more of a fuel controller than an air controller maybe?? The mixture screw, at the back of the carb, controls how much air is introduced to the fuel for combustion.

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The throttle controls the introduction of fuel to the combustion chamber. When the throttle lever is pulled higher, it opens up a sliding valve on the carburetor, which allows more fuel into the carburetor, therefore increasing the amount of combustion in the chamber. This also increases the speed of combustion causing the engine to run faster. I'm only a few years into this game and I'm still trying to get my head around a lot of the intricacies of these things myself.Mixture screw adjustment, got a good link?

Thu Apr 27, pm quote. I don't think I could write down a GOOD step by step procedure for this majik art, but somehow most of my bikes idle OK, don't bog or stall on quick throttle action and haven't seized yet KOW.

Anybody have a better link or want to take a shot at a step by step for idiots like me? I would like to start approaching this in a more systematic way, one the Vespa masters might approve of. I've seen a number of walkthroughs on MV and other sites for the SI carb, and it's all been super helpful for me since I got my P. It's usually similar depth to the vespamaintenance link you posted, though. I feel the same way now with mine. V oodoo.

Here's a snip on mixture setting and there's lots of other good info there as well. Is this what you do? Any other tricks? To set the mixture screw correctly, here's what you need to do : Start the scooter and go for a km run to warm the engine up.

With the engine running on the stand, take the engine side panel off. Turn the idle speed right up, the long screw with the flathead screwdriver fitting that pokes out of the carb box top, turn clockwise in.

The engine will be racing now! Immediately turn the mixture screw on the back of the carb all the way in, the engine will get choppy and the idle will drop. On PX models it will require an 7mm spanner, there's not much room in there.

Count the number of turns as you open the fuel screw out. You'll get to a point where the the engine will have smoothed out and the idle stops increasing when you turn out the mixture screw. This is close to where it should be set. Adjust the idle speed back down to an acceptable running level. Then listen to your engine when you blip the throttle. If the engine 'bogs' and feels flat when you blip the throttle it is probably set too rich.

If the engine 'hunts' and takes more than 2 seconds to come back to a steady idle after blipping the throttle, it is probably too lean. A lean idle that 'hunts' the revs will make a 'pip, pip, pip sound. It should rev. Make a small adjustment here if necessary.

My PX125 turns over but wont start, engine keeps flooding. Why?

Then adjust the idle speed slightly. On tuned Vespas, if it takes more than 4 complete turns, then pop in a richer idle jet, and repeat.Maxperience Login Registration. Ask a Question Add Experience. Donny Marsala 18 Jul I'm a PX rookie. Bought it a month ago and no problems until a week ago. Drove it home in the rain and it kept cutting out with the choke off but would always restart.

Next day it started but cut out metres down the road.

From there on it woudnt start. The AA came cleaned the plug and it started and then cut out again. The engine was flooding said the mechanic but after taking apart the carb and checking it thoroughly he couldnt find the problem. Th eproblen is with the fuel and air said the mechanic but there on in he was a blank. The only question mark he had was regardin the screw on top of the carb which he couldnt identify the use of. I'm really upset not to have the use of my new scooter and am convinced the problem is small.

Can anyone offer some advise that may help save me a mechanic's bill? Or at the least arm me with a bit of insightful lingo. Any help wpild be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance. You have to login before leaving comment. Get yourself a Haynes manual. If I had mine with me right now I'd give you more detail. It's the best protection against bad mechnaics. Also there's more helpful information on the website I referenced above. Cheers mate, Kirk. Good luck.

vespa px mixture screw adjustment

Scotty J. Didn't find an answer? Ask your question. Related posts Show more. Previous dsfgsd 7 Jan WOW Novice should know Where can you buy the cheapest WoW Gold.

My PX125 turns over but wont start, engine keeps flooding. Why?

I'm looking for a 2nd hand or new main internal petrol tank for a Yamaha Virago XVThe Carburettor has to mix the gas, oil and air very carefully to give the best power output. The jets are precisely tuned to put out a specific amount of gas on demand; however, this system needs fine tuning from time to time.

When the scooter is subjected to high altitudes, or the air becomes thin, a bit of tuning may be required. You should also tune your carb after a carburettor rebuild.

Some symptoms of bad carb tuning include: loss of power at high throttle floodingbogging even when the engine is warm, stalling, running rich or lean too much or too little oil signified by the fouling or destruction of spark plugs and bad acceleration. Before attempting to tune the carburettor make sure that the spark plug is in good condition see electrical section and that the carb is not leaking or plugged. It is also advisable to inspect your jets before taking on this task, so all the work you do will not go to waste.

This is really not an art form. Listen to the engine, you can't do much harm if you turn the screws the wrong way. The mixture screw generally effects only the lower RPM and Idle settings off the line acceleration. If you find your plug is very oily or heat damaged, you may need to alter the jet sizes in addition to the mixture screw setting. Instead, inspect the carb for damage, warping or plugged passages and jets.

Air leaks in the engine will make the engine overheat.

vespa px mixture screw adjustment

If the engine revs extremely high on its own this is an indicator for a air leak or a failed engine seal. If you add performance gear, ask around to find the best jet sizes for the respective part. Always consult a knowledgeable mechanic when changing the jets as they can affect the entire rev range of your engine. Idle Set Screw - This screw sets how fast your engine idles. The screw pushes on a slanted surface on the center of the slide. If you tighten the screw, the idle rate will speed up it will push the slide back opening the neck of the carb if you loosen the screw the idle rate will slow down it will let the slide close off the neck of the carb.

This screw will determine your idle speed so you should set it low to preserve fuel at stop lights.

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If you notice that your bike stalls often, this screw may be set too low to maintain a reliable idle speed. The result is the engine will die out. Mixture Screw - This screw is hidden behind a rubber grommet in the carb box.

Prise the grommet out with your fingers and look for a flat head screw just a few mm inside the box. This screw is responsible for fine-tuning the mixing of the air fuel mix. Tightening the screw will reduce the mix, and loosening it will increase the mix. Pay close attention to this screw if you are fouling or damaging plugs or bogging at low and high throttle rates.

Step 1 - Remove the grommet that covers the mixture screw if you haven't already done so.This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. You can find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out here Back to top Log In Subscribe Facebook Twitter Instagram Copyright The Australian.

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vespa px mixture screw adjustment

The Instructor, Dave Unwin, was great. I have to admit that I had my reservations about taking an online course, but I was pleasantly surprised. Dave obviously put a lot of thought and effort into creating the materials for the course as well as structuring the assignments to give students thoughtful work. He responded to each and every question and was very hands-on. This was a great class.

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